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Metal roofing on a building in a green field
Metal roofing
A white brick chimney in a metal roof A large barn with a metal roof

Metal roofs provide cost-effective, long lasting solutions. They also help increase the energy efficiency of your premises as they reflect outside heat instead of absorbing it. If you are looking for a low-cost, durable roofing solution, get in touch with the experts at MDK Roofing Maintenance & Refurbishment Ltd today. Our services are available to customers in the North East of England including, including Tyneside, Teesside and County Durham.

•  Highly durable

•  Long lasting

•  Energy efficient solutions

•  Cost-effective

•  Low maintenance

•  Versatile

Our roofing team help you choose the right roof to suit your requirements. Whether you need roof installations for a commercial building or a storage facility, you can rely on our team of professionals to provide you with high quality installations. Call us on

01388 608 346 and speak with our roofing contractors for a competitive quote today.


Metal roofing services in the North East of England

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